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  1. Consultation & Meeting Facilitation

Consultation & Meeting Facilitation

In addition to our extensive educational service lines and experience, we offer comprehensive EMS, air medical, emergency department, and critical care consultation and project management services. With the current challenges of healthcare management, many leaders find themselves unable to accomplish major projects while navigating the normal challenges of everyday management. The staff of Clinical Analysis Management can provide the assistance your staff might need to facilitate change, leaving members of your firm’s leadership team free to focus on all the other managerial responsibilities leaders must contend with everyday.

Change Acceleration Process and Workout Meeting Facilitation

Utilizing process designs initially conceptualized by General Electric, and now part of Six Sigma Methodology, Change Acceleration Process (CAP) tools provide mechanisms to identify the need for change in an organization then define a template of actions to move an organization from where it is to where it wants to be. Workout meeting facilitation provides a mechanism to gather all the stakeholders of a project, identify barriers to success, and define a successful approach in one day.

The staff of Clinical Analysis Management can provide your agency with CAP and Workout consultation to help repair continuous organizational problems, design new process, and improve on existing processes. We have provided CAP/Workout facilitation for projects like

ED patient throughput

CAMTS accreditation planning

CQI/PI plan development

Educational plan development

Document planning and workflows

Policy development

Protocol authorship

Operational Assessments

Why We Are Different

Often consultants arrive, spend little time gathering data, then propose standardized pie in the sky recommendations that may or may not work for your organization. Often recommendations are based on opinion or anecdotal experience rather than evidenced based practice.

Our philosophy differs fundamentally in that we have built all of our process on an educational paradigm. We feel that adequate solutions only come from research to clearly define core issues. As such, we understand that our first priority is to understand problems as a client perceives them. Our second priority is to work with a client to mentor a solution the client needs in manner the client wishes. We specialize in helping clients help themselves by offering tools to facilitate change. If you feel you would like an outside perspective or guidance on a clinical, operational, or educational issue we would love to help you find solutions that meet your needs.

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